Corquimia News The chemical industry, a pioneer in sustainability and innovation

The chemical industry, a pioneer in sustainability and innovation

The chemical industry sector moves towards sustainability and respectful innovation.

LA FEDERACIÓN EMPRESARIAL DE LA INDUSTRIA QUÍMICA ESPAÑOLA (feique), public last December the report on corporate social responsibility and sustainability of the Spanish chemical sector 2018.

In this report you will find relevant information of the chemical sector, it is divided into 7 areas which in turn connect them with the 17 objectives that the ONU has established for 2030.

Segmenting the information as follows:

1. Circular and low carbon economy:

They share the most relevant indicators of the chemical market since 1999, with encouraging figures that indicate the progress of the industry:

  • -40% in the emission of greenhouse gases.
  • -27% of energy consumption.
  • -50% water consumption.
  • -15% waste generation.

There is also information on the changes that have been made and how the use of renewable energy, alternative fuels, is expected to continue to change; the treatment and reuse of water, and the recycling of raw materials.

2. Environmental Quality:

With indicators such as an increase of 41% in investment and spending on environmental protection.

  • -63% emissions of nitrogenous oxides
  • -90% Sulfur oxide emissions,
  • -90% emission of solid particles, among others.

They also talk about the SPIRE project, created together with other sectors of the industry for the innovation of the processes through energy efficiency and the use of resources.

3. Research and development and innovation:

With indicators such as an increase of 124% in investment and spending on R & D, they report that 58% of chemical companies invest in innovation
They talk to us about the initiatives for the production of food and its conservation, the creation of personalized medicine, increasing quality and life expectancy.
Means of transport whose source of energy is 100% solar, Smart cities and more

4. Economic contribution:

The Spanish chemical industry is formed by some 3,000 companies with a turnover of 63,100 million euros per year, generating 13.4% of the Gross Industrial Product, with external sales of 35,702 million euros, the second largest exporter of the economy, allocating more than half of its production to international markets.

A sector that creates wealth and quality employment, and presents in percentage figures the industry’s segmentation.

5. Human resources and job security:

Indicators that support the sector as one of the most stable and beneficial for its workers.

6.Cooperation with society:

Indicators and projects that collaborate with society to educate in relation to the industry maintaining bidirectional communication.

7. Ethics and Transparency:

The communication of values, ethics, and processes that companies follow, being honest and open with their consumers.

The weight that the chemical industry has in the Spanish market and its worldwide impact is indisputable.

The challenge is clear, to manufacture products that respect the environment, with ethical, safe processes and reusing their resources.

In corquimia Industrial we work with manufacturing companies that comply with and promote environmentally friendly processes because we understand the impact we have as an industry and are committed to taking care of our planet.

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