Corquimia Products Release agent based on plant extracts

Release agent based on plant extracts

ESQUIM D-332M is a silicone and mineral oil free product that confers a large number of excellent properties.


  • Physical form: liquid
  • Color: White
  • Density, 25ºc: 0.95 g / cm3
  • Viscosity, 25ºc: 3600 cst
  • Emulsifier: non-ionic


  • Excellent release agent compatible with a large number of organic materials, improving the inert properties of conventional silicone release agents.
  • It allows the post-finishing of the treated pieces.
  • 100% formulated based on plant extracts and biodegradable active ingredients
  • Suitable for applications in contact with food in accordance with EU and FDA legislation so it is especially effective in molds and trays of bakery, chocolate, confectionery, conveyor belts, etc.


  • it is prepared for direct use but its high efficiency allows a certain dilution with distilled water.
  • Its optimal viscosity allows its application on a mold with a brush or roller for a homogeneous dispersion.

We recommend waiting between 30 and 60 minutes after applying ESQUIM D-332 before using the mold or tray.

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