Corquimia News Presenting the new I+D Coating department

Presenting the new I+D Coating department

In Corquimia we have an active listening of the needs of our clients, and we understand the difficulties that can be found when you are developing products of high value and efficiency in the Coatings market, that is why we have decided to develop a new department of I+D.

This department aims to facilitate and improve the development of new products, offering added value to our customers of the Coatings sector , increasing our ability to offer a personalized and exclusive service, we have new and innovative raw materials, evaluation and improvement of formulas, application tests, among other processes to help improve the products already on the market and introduce new ones .We have specialists in inks, paints and varnishes, with more than 25 years of experience and they are ready to create and develop effective solutions, tailored and exclusive for our customers. For more information write to and discover our new I+D COATINGS service.

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