Corquimia News Plastics and the environment

Plastics and the environment

The global business alliance has been created to put an end to plastic waste (AEPW),

This alliance is made up of almost 30 companies and with a capital of almost 1,000 million dollars, hoping to invest over the next 5 years more than 1,500 million.

According to their website, they identify that their mission is to eliminate the plastic trash from our environment, they communicate that although plastics are healthy, safe and sustainable, and that although they provide many benefits by improving our standards of living, they do not have the same benefits in the environment.

They promise to develop, deploy and produce solutions that minimize and manage plastic waste and at the same time promote solutions for the use of plastics, including reuse and recycling to keep it out of the environment.

They announce 4 key strategies to fulfill their objective of keeping plastic waste out of our environment and are:

  1. Development of infrastructures that collect and manage plastic waste.
  2. Innovation to minimize waste.
  3. Education and commitment of communities, companies, and governments.
  4. Cleaning: cleaning in areas where plastic waste is concentrated especially in the rivers that carry the waste to the ocean.

We see how the alliance has a clear and objective agenda in maintaining and improving the use of plastics in the industry and at the same time creating optimizations to prevent the plastic from ending up in the ocean.

These are initiatives that the market demands every day more, both for their health and for the health of the planet.

In Corquimia Industrial we take very seriously the care of our planet and do our best to optimize our processes, now we have the collection and cleaning service for reuse or destruction and recycling, drums, and containers.

For more information about this or other services contact us, leave an email or call us at +34 934 70 65 88.

Source: Alliance to eliminate plastic waste

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