Corquimia Products Plasticizer for the industry

Plasticizer for the industry

Our Industrial division has several plasticizer options for the industry:


  • Chemical name: FTALATO DE DI-ISONONILO
  • Nº CAS: 28553-12-0

It is a colorless liquid, insoluble in water, it is mainly used as a plasticizer for PVC and flexible vinyl.


  • Plasticizer for polymers.
  • Phlegmatizing agent to dilute organic peroxides.
  • Chemicals for construction.
  • Manufacture of coatings, inks and colors for artists.
  • Manufacture of lubricants.
  • Manufacture of adhesives.


  • Chemical name: Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) Adipate.
  • Nº CAS: 103-23-1

It is a synthetic ester used at low temperatures as a plasticizer, mainly in PVC.


  • In the glue industry
  • In the plastics industry
  • It can be used in contact with food
  • As a lubricant in the textile industry.


  • Chemical name: Dioctil Teraftalato/ Bis – (2 – Etilhexil) Teraftalato.
  • Nº CAS: 6422-86-2

It is a plasticizer of the most used in the market in the processing of plastics.


  • It is used in the processing of PVC and ethyl cellulose resins.


  • Chemical name: Ciclohexano-1,2-Dicarboxílico, Éster Diisononilo
  • Nº CAS: 166412-78-8

DINCH is a plasticizer without phthalate


  • Polymer plasticizer
  • Phlegmatizing agent to dilute organic peroxides
  • Building chemicals
  • Manufacture of coatings, inks and colors for artists
  • Lubricant manufacturing
  • Glue manufacturing

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