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These are the companies we work with

Corquimia works with the best manufacturers in the sectors, it’s important for us that these companies comply with all the regulations that manufacture high-quality raw materials.


It’s a company founded in 1999 dedicated to the distribution of chemical products for the coatings and paper sectors, increasing our portfolio of additives for these sectors.

Adipol S.L

Manufacturer of custom additives for the coatings industry: resins, dispersants, defoamers and others


This manufacturer is considered one of the major players in the anticorrosion field. Designs, manufactures, and markets liquid ranges of anti-corrosion additives that meet almost all needs. These additives are efficient and eco-aware and can be used in various fields such as paints, metallurgy, and cleansing products.


Manufacturers of specialty polymers for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care and home care industries.

Esquim S.A

Specialists in the manufacture of silicone-based chemical products for coatings, life science, food, and other industries, offering customized products for the needs of our clients.


Manufacturers of opaque polymers for the coatings industry and hollow spheres for the paper industry, their products are FDA-approved and APEO surfactant-free.


Turkish manufacturer of chemical products for the coating and printing industries. Its focus is to create high-quality products and focus on customer satisfaction, with more than 40 years in the market.


Specialists in fumed silica, offering the market hydrophobic and hydrophilic fumed silica, supplying the market with the entire range of Kemiturasil®, which is used in different sectors of the industry.


Manufacturers of polymer emulsions, pigment dispersions, and inks. Their priority is to create safe products for people, the environment, and industries.

They provide raw materials for the sectors of painting, Coating, Construction, Textile, Fiberglass, and Paper.


Manufacturer of LSR and HTV silicones, we increase our portfolio of silicone products, always seeking to satisfy our customers.


Manufacturer of solid acrylic resins based on high conversion free radical polymerization core technology with about 20 years of product development and experience in manufacturing and field applications.


Manufacturer of pigments with special effects, with more than 18 years of experience, they are pioneers in product innovation and comply with FDA and European cosmetic regulations.

sun nutrafoods

Manufacturers of premium quality, NON-GMO, plant-based ingredients for applications in the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and feed industries.

synox pigments

Manufacturers of high-quality, stable, synthetic oxide pigments with excellent opacity and a great color for the coatings, construction, plastics, and rubber industries.

wacker group

It is a technological leader in the chemical industry, and manufactures products for several industries. It manufactures silicone and polymers for life sciences and polysilicon markets.

western carbon & chemicals

Manufacturers of a wide range of activated carbons, adsorbents, and minerals for several purification and filtration uses. Made with natural raw materials, such as coconut shells, coal, and wood.


Woodchem is a company that specializes in the manufacture of biocides for a wide variety of industries.


Manufacturer of coating based in water and solvent, powder coatings, thickeners, additives, and pigments for multiple industries such as construction, plastics, and coatings.


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