Corquimia Products Oils for the cosmetic industry

Oils for the cosmetic industry

The final consumer is an educated consumer interested in the type of products he puts on his skin,

It is in the active search for products with clean and honest labels that easily communicate the ingredients contained in the product.

One of the ingredients that have been trending and has always been present in personal care are vegetable oils and essential oils, thanks to the wide range available and its many benefits.

In recent years due to the rise of alternative therapies oils have gained more weight in the market, making use of them in aromatherapy, massage, body care among others.

At Corquimia Industrial we are always actively listening to the trends and needs of the market, which is why we have introduced vegetable oils and essential oils into our product catalog.

We have essential oils of tea tree, argan oil, rosehip and many more …, without preservatives, without dyes…

If you are interested contact us in the form or send us an email to or give us a call at +34 (0) 934 70 65 88.

We are a company that is interested in you, we actively listen to your needs and offer high-quality products.

We adapt to you so if you are looking for a specific product or format ask us !!

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