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New Esquim Products for Hair Care

Our represented ESQUIM presented during the cosmetorium new mixtures of silicones for hair care.

ESQUIM’s technical team has developed novelties in its range of personal care products in order to satisfy market requirements, especially focused on hair care products.

Products have been improved to protect hair from deterioration caused by external effects such as the sun, drying, ironing, chemical products (whether from dyes, permanent effects, or baths in treated water). Also to increase shine, control volume, and improve hair manageability.

Silicones are the best option over many carbon-based materials to reduce friction between fibers, increase softness, impart hydrophobicity (water repellency), and all the characteristics of healthy, damage-free hair. This is achieved thanks to its low surface tension, high gas permeability (breathability), and excellent thermal stability.

With these technological improvements, ESQUIM SA helps formulators to offer the public innovative products in aspects such as:

  • Control of the presence of D4 (cyclotetrasiloxane): this substance contained as reaction residue in many of the silicone polymers has been reduced to the maximum, giving safety to the products offered and complying with current regulations
  • New Blends – Synergistic in-situ blends of different silicone polymers help the formulator to provide smoothness, shine, wetting and easy detangling. This is the case of ESQUIM FM-8890 (DIMETHICONE & DIMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER) or ESQUIM FM-8966 (CICLOPENTASILOXANE, DIMETHICONOL and DIMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER).
  • Incorporation of very high viscosity silicone polymers: products with a high antistatic effect and very easy detangling without greasy appearances, such as ESQUIM FM-284 (CICLOPENTASILOXANE and DIMETHICONE)

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