Corquimia Partners,Products Ingredients for the coatings sector

Ingredients for the coatings sector

Given the current mismatch in the availability of imported raw materials, most manufacturers of paints, inks, varnishes and adhesives are having difficulties in obtaining the necessary products in their manufacturing process.

Corquimia Industrial makes its outstanding products available to the market to give different coating formulations the following properties;


  • SS SIL 355W: premium standard matting agent
  • SS SIL 590: high performance matting agent

PU thickeners

  • Hisol 307: pseudoplastic thickener
  • Hisol 852: pseudoplastic thickener
  • Hiresol 580 B: Newtonian thickener


  • Bentogel BG3 and BG4: bentonites for solvent-based formulations
  • Bentogel BG8L and BG8B: bentonites for water-based formulations

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