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ESQUIM DP-387A Defoamer

ESQUIM DP-387A is a universal use defoamer resistant to alkaline pH.

It is especially suitable in processes where resistance to alkali and strong mechanical agitation is important.


  • APPEARANCE: Creamy emulsion
  • COLOR White
  • VISCOSITY, 25 ° C 3000
  • DENSITY, 25 ° C 0.99 g / cm3
  • CHARACTER Dispersible in water


It is used in concentrations between 15 and 200 mg for each Kg of the medium to be defoamed, advising a previous dilution in permuted water or in the same medium with 1% of active product, adding it over the DP-387A

Thanks to its low viscosity and easy dispersion, it is also possible to add it directly to the medium.

It is used in the Textile, detergency, wastewater treatment, rubber, heavy chemical, maintenance products, agrochemical industry,

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