Corquimia is committed to the transition from industrial paint to more ecological standards by providing raw materials for the manufacture of water-based industrial coatings.

Traditionally, industrial paint has been solvent-based but now it is possible to achieve formulations of a more respectful nature with the environment, without emissions and maintaining high quality.

In our range of water-based products you can find acrylic, alkyd, polyurethane, silicone resins.

As well as a wide range of additives to optimize these formulations (defoamers, surface additives, thickeners, rheological additives …)

Featured Products

  • Blue Resins alkyd emulsions for aqueous formulations of industrial paint, primers and varnishes
  • Kemiline CP 112: acrylic styrene emulsion for wood and anticorrosive coatings
  • Esquim R-750: silicone resin emulsion for anti-heat formulations
  • Bluealkyd A6310: short alkyd emulsion for primers with excellent adhesion on metal. Corrosion protection
  • Bluealkyd A625: medium alkyd emulsion for quick drying varnishes and coatings.

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