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The entire Corquimia industrial team has been active since the beginning of the pandemic, within the limitations and always following the recommended security measures.

During the month of September we have observed and participated in the partial reactivation of the market, we have reviewed and updated the security protocols, both internal and those derived from the distribution chain at source.

At Corquimia Industrial we specialize in personalized attention and great adaptability to your needs, so we are strengthening the relationship with our clients to minimize possible incidents due to the current public health situation.

Measures to highlight

  • We reactivate visits to our clients and suppliers, whenever it is possible to comply with the security measures.
  • We offer scheduled online visits, where you can connect with your assigned commercial representative.
  • The process of preparing and sending samples maintains a safety and cleaning protocol.

It is important to remember that although we have not stopped serving the market, it is possible that in some orders, we have longer delivery times, due to the current health situation, so it is important that you contact  your assigned commercial representative, to inform you of new delivery times, if applicable.

Now more than ever, trust in suppliers is a priority, which is why we make ourselves available to customers to facilitate close mutual collaboration, waiting for a prompt normalization of the situation.

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