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Corquimia at the ASEFAPI

We will be present at the XXIX ASEFAPI TECHNICAL CONGRESS to be held in Madrid on 10/19, thus strengthening our commitment to the coatings sector.

An opportunity that we want to take to offer you our proximity again after confinement and the restrictions that have kept us physically apart.

Conference attendees will be able to come to our Service Point No. 1 to learn about the news that Corquimia offers to the market as well as discuss the current situation of generalized shortage of raw materials and try to find solutions together

At corquimia we differentiate ourselves by our proximity, personalized attention and complicity to minimize the effects of the shortage of products by providing technical solutions and at the same time we also seek to minimize the price escalation by offering alternatives without affecting the final formulations.

We highlight the following products for this edition:

Esquim SA product range As part of the Esquim SA group, we offer the full range of products developed at the Cardedeu factory (Barcelona): oil-based and silicone-based defoamers, dispersants, surface additives, water repellants, silicone resins for anticaloric agents.

Opaque polymers:

Opacifying emulsions that allow replacing up to 15% of titanium dioxide in the formula

  • Hique 2038: for matt formulations
  • Hique 388: for brilliant formulations

PU thickeners:

  • Hisol 307: pseudoplastic thickener
  • Hiresol 852: pseudoplastic thickener
  • Hiresol 580 B: Newtonian thickener


  • SS SIL 355W: premium quality standard matting agent
  • SS SIL 590: high performance matting agent

Solid acrylic resins

  • Paint for road marking   BM-64A
  • Industrial Coatings  BM-66
  • Aerosol paints       BM-67 / MB-6.1 
  • Floor coverings     MB-2 

For more information on these and other products write to us at or leave your message in the contact section.

For more information on the congress visit the ASEFAPI page HERE

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