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Cookies policy

CORQUIMIA INDUSTRIAL, S.L. uses cookies during the provision of the Website service.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files sent to the browser that initiate automatic procedures for collecting personal information with the purpose of recording user activities during their navigation, improving it, and adapting it to preferences specified by a user during their visit to a specific website (for example: Google Analytics or similar tools).

This information is recorded in files hosted on the user’s own device and unequivocally associated with this device. Each time the user accesses the relevant website, these files are automatically activated, configuring the website with the preferences indicated in previous visits.

Cookies cannot read other cookies created by other providers.

Cookies can be managed directly by the company that created the page or by third parties.

Cookies can be session cookies, which are only active and maintained while you are on the site, and persistent cookies, which are stored in your browser until you manually delete them or until they expire according to the duration specified in the cookie file. More information.

The information obtained is completely anonymous and can never be associated with a specific and identified user.

None of the cookies used gather specific data from users, only the IP address.

This website ( only uses the following Cookies:

Cookies served through our website

cookiesDirective 1 365 days This cookie is stored to detect if you have accepted our cookie policy. If this cookie is stored, it means you have already accepted our cookie policy and have allowed other cookies to be loaded on your device as well.
cpnb_cookiesSettings {“required-cookies”:1,”analytical-cookies”:1,”social-media-cookies”:1} 365 days This cookie is stored to check which categories of cookies are accepted or rejected (e.g., analytical cookies, targeted advertising cookies, etc.).
MCPopupClosed yes

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The User has the possibility to configure their browser program to prevent the creation of cookies or to be alerted at the moment this happens. The Website is accessible without the need to activate options related to cookies; however, this may prevent the proper functioning of security mechanisms for exclusive services or specific services that require higher security. The ultimate purpose of the Website’s cookies is to facilitate User navigation.

Below, we provide links to instructions for enabling or disabling cookies in the most commonly used browsers:

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Other third-party tools available online that allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation include:
• Ghostery

• Privacy Badger (in Spanish)