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Container Recycling Service

At Corquimia Industrial we care about the health of the land, so during each process, we do our best to have a lesser impact on it.

Through the years in the sector, we have observed with concern, that many containers and drums end up in places where they do not belong, contaminated and leaving an impact on our environment, so we have asked ourselves what could we do to prevent this from happening?

We trust that with this process we will reduce our impact on the planet.

How it works: 

1. When you make your purchase specify us that you want to acquire the recycling service of drums and/or containers.

2. Once you have used all the product you must let us know, to collect the containers 

3. Once collected we send the containers to our collaborators for recycling and/or waste destruction, we work with pioneer companies and 100% careful with the environment.

4. Once they have the containers there are two options, they evaluate the state and decide, according to specific processes, if the container is in optimal condition for reuse, or if instead, it is time for its destruction and recycling.

It is a fairly simple process and yet it has a great impact on our planet.

This service is available for selected products, if you are interested you can contact us and we will explain all the details without obligation.

Send us an email to or call us at 934 70 65 88

Corquimia Industrial excellence in chemical specialties, committed to the environment.

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