Corquimia Products Bleach ingredient for detergents

Bleach ingredient for detergents

TECHNIFAX BL-700 is suitable to provide an excellent whitening effect when formulated in a laundry detergent, and is highly effective on cellulosic fibers at wash temperatures between 15 and 95ºC.


  • Physical state: Flowable granules
  • Chemical character: Anionic bisteryl derivative
  • Active content: Approx. 90%
  • Solubility: Approx. 300 g / l in distilled water at 98 ºC
  • E1 / 1 absorbance; 1120 – 1160
  • Stability to bleach; Stable
  • Recommended washing temperature: 15 – 95 ºC
  • Recommended level of use; 0.04 – 0.2%


TECHNIFAX BL-700 exhibits brilliant whiteness in fabric when washed, especially cotton, and exhibits better fastness than other types of optical brighteners.

The chemistry of this product has inherent stability with the type of chlorine and peroxide bleaches in the detergent mix.

The product is soluble in water and therefore produces better whiteness and also provides better leveling by not staining the fabric during detergency. Product performance is excellent for washes in a wide range of temperatures.

The product has excellent light fastness, especially when the fabric dries after washing. The product is stable and therefore retains its characteristics after drying.

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