Corquimia News Biocide, are you doing it right?

Biocide, are you doing it right?

It is evident the changes that have had to be made since the approval of the regulation of biocidal products, both the complexity and the cost that the process entails, has made the introduction of new Biocidal products more difficult.

“Biocides: renew or die”,
The article published in the last edition of the magazine “Proveedores de la industria de la pintura”, in this article we can see how is behaving the market of the biocides and the future of it.


Our commitment to customers and suppliers keeps us always looking for new improvements and solutions to facilitate and support the manufacture of new products, that is why we are pleased to notify you of the new service we offer from the quality department, where a specialist is available to answer and advise on any doubts and questions about the Regulation of Biocidal products.

For more information contact us, or call us  +34 934 706 588.

Deparment manager: Marta Lecina.

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