Corquimia Partners,Products Asconium 142 DA Corrosion Inhibitors, direct on metal formulation

Asconium 142 DA Corrosion Inhibitors, direct on metal formulation

Water-based system, direct to metal with powerful anti-corrosion action.


ASCONIUM® Corrosion Inhibitors, as unique proprietary technology, can provide excellent long-term anticorrosion performance to paints and clear coatings.

ASCONIUM® 142DA shows excellent results in waterborne Direct-To-Metal systems which can achieve perfomance complying up to C5 corrosion class requirements (ISO 12944).

  • Efficient at low dosage
  • Outperforming usual anticorrosion pigments
  • Improving adhesion of coating on metal
  • Improving film’s water resistance

Reducing film blistering A Direct-To-Metal paint can replace system [primer, mid-coat and topcoat] as a single layer.

Thanks to ASCONIUM® 142DA, Direct-To-Metal coatings will have all the below expected properties:

  • High level of anti-corrosion performance
  • Very good adhesion performance on metal
  • High gloss level
  • Possibility of colouring

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