Corquimia Products Active Carbon and Anthracite for Industrial use

Active Carbon and Anthracite for Industrial use

Activated Carbon and Anthracite for water treatment and Industrial applications

Activated carbon or activated charcoal, is a black powder, light and practically insoluble in the usual solvents, it removes contaminants and impurities, such as the color and odor of the substances.

In Corquimia we offer:

Acid-activated carbon powder washed with acid: Used mainly in food decontamination, water purification, beverages, and pharmaceutical applications, it is also used in the purification of swimming pools.

Activated carbon powder without washing: it is an effective deodorizing and decolorizing and has excellent purification characteristics.

Active carbon in granules: accelerates the elimination of organic compounds of low molecular weight, has the lowest amount of ash possible and thanks to its large surface area and its retention ratio is ideal for dechlorination, detoxification, and purification of wastewater.

We also have Anthracite, which is commonly used as a sub filler and as a filter component for water treatment. It is a very durable material that is resistant to high temperatures. It does not contain silica, so it does not interfere with the production of ultrapure water.

Thanks to its excellent filtration properties, it is also used to regulate coagulation and sedimentation for the removal of solids from the surface of the water and/or wastewater.

Its use is highly recommended in long filtration processes and with high water flow, this mineral can treat hot and strongly alkaline waters.

Thanks to our represented Western Carbon & Chemicals, we can offer this type of carbon in black granules.

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