Corquimia Partners,Products Activated carbon for the food industry.

Activated carbon for the food industry.

Active carbon has various properties according to the pore range, which makes it perfect for adsorbing numerous chemical compounds.

Among its uses in the industry can be highlighted:

  • Activated carbons remove contaminants and impurities such as color and odor from sweeteners, food liquids, syrups, beverages, glycerine, and amino and organic acids.
  • Decolourise cane and beet sugar syrups, dextrose, fructose, and other food-grade products.
  • Decolourise and purify organic acids and amino acids from fermentation processes.
  • Remove chlorine and ozone in industries using water to make beer, soft drinks, and other beverages.
  • Purify the carbon dioxide for use in carbonated drinks.
  • Decaffeinate tea and coffee.
  • Remove unwanted natural and harmful anthropogenic compounds from edible oils.
  • Remove unwanted odour or colour compounds from glycerine.
  • Remove unwanted taste/odour or colour compounds from a range of alcoholic beverages such as wine, vodka, vermouth, beer.
  • Purify fruit juices by removal of unwanted colour compounds or removal of mycotoxins such as Patulin in apple juice.
  • Debitter food products or aroma.
  • Recover high-value molecules from agricultural products.
  • Food colouring (E153).

Unwanted tastes and colours must be dealt with and impurities need effective removal. Beverage producers demand very high purity in the water and many times the water supply from local sources needs further treatment. Public health and safety issues are at the top of the list. Activated carbons possess a diverse range of pore properties that are perfect for adsorption of numerous chemical compounds.

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