Corquimia Products Activated Carbon for Personal Care

Activated Carbon for Personal Care

Bamboo-based activated carbon powder is a black powder, light and practically insoluble in the usual solvents.

 Recently, the use of activated carbon as a teeth whitening has been a trend, although there are no studies to support its use, it is proven that its use will generate a physical whitening, filing the surface layer of the teeth and eliminating stains.

Active carbon has multiple uses in the personal care sector, it is also widely used as a mask since it adsorbs the grease helping to eliminate black spots and impurities, you can also observe the clearer skin due to its property of eliminating dead skin cells. the skin.

Unlike bands to remove black spots, activated carbon can be applied anywhere on the face eliminating in a few minutes the undesirable black spots and impurities and is very easy to use.

Activated carbon is also used as a digestive.

Thanks to our represented Western Carbon & Chemicals, we can offer a wide range of activated carbon for personal care.

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