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About us



We are a Spanish company that distributes chemical specialties for the following industries:

  • Food 
  • Coatings 
  • Industrial
  • Life Science 

About us

Corquimia Industrial is a Spanish company formed by a team of specialists who have extensive experience in both; technical and commercial levels.

Our objective is to satisfy the needs of the European and North African markets, offering quality products with a flexible and personalized service.

Mission and vision

Our mission: Provides High-quality chemical specialties to the industry facilitating a personalized service with a highly trained team.

Our vision: TTo be leaders in the distribution of chemical specialties, through a complete offer of products and services based on a win-win beneficial relationship with clients, suppliers, and represented brands.

Our Values





Our Commitment

We are committed to the workers, society, customers, and owners, our Quality Management System is based on its dedication to Service with the following principles:

  • Implement and promote the Management System at all levels of your Organization as a fundamental element to achieve the levels of quality and service that customers require.
  • Comply with the legal requirements derived from the current legislation applicable to the organization, as well as with the voluntary requirements that Corquimia wishes to subscribe to and the client’s own regulations.
  • Maintain and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System through the setting and periodic review of objectives, indicators, and management programs.
  • Promote participation, training, and information within the company and in all its activities, motivating the entire human team, including suppliers and subcontractors to work in accordance with this policy and the requirements of the System.
  • Guarantee customer satisfaction, analyzing the expectations of the marketed products and their requirements through appropriate communication channels.
  • Make the objectives of the Quality Management Policy compatible with the economic objectives of Corquimia, making the human and technical resources of the company competitive and profitable.
  • All of this is in order to continuously improve, achieving an optimum level of safety for the development of the work, respecting the environment in which it is carried out, and adapting the activity to the requirements of the contracts.



Corquimia Industrial is registered in:

1. Sanitary Registry of Industries and Food Products of Catalonia (RSIPAC), under code 40
2. Registry of the Animal Feed Sector and the Area of ​​Animal By-Products and Derived Products not intended for human consumption (SANDACH)

Corquimia is ISO 9001 certified


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