Ingredients for antibacterial gels

The whole world is alert to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and its presence already on all continents, this has increased sales of products such as gloves, masks and antibacterial gels and disinfectants.

Soy Lecithin for the Food Industry

Liquid and  Powder soy lecithin

Plasticizer for the industry

Our Industrial division has several plasticizer options for the industry:

Blend of dyes for cosmetic use

We have a wide range of cosmetic dyes of high quality and adaptation.

Custom blends of food coloring

Our food division offers customized mixtures of food colors.

Natural and synthetic thickeners for the industry

Natural and synthetic thickeners for the industry

In Corquimia we have a wide range of thickeners for the industry.


Introducing ACRYPOL 640 NT (CARBOMER)

We´ve  added a new solution for the cosmetics market, ACRYPOL 640 NT (CARBOMER)

Introducing ELASTOSIL® LR 5040

Wacker considerably reduces the volatile residual substances in its liquid silicone rubber (LSR) products, offering the advantage of not requiring postcuring.


On October 23 and 24 we were present at the cosmetorium 2019.

Great day at the ASEFAPI congress

Excellent edition of the ASEFAPI Technical Congress

Present at the ASEFAPI 2019 technical congress

Present at the ASEFAPI 2019 technical congress

Update on food safety regulations

New Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of June 20, 2019

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